Wednesday, 6 March 2013


It's that terribly exciting time of the year when the beacon gets passed on to a new generation of Offbeaters, by which, of course, I mean it's elections tomorrow!

There are five roles up for grabs. Here are their titles and duties:

President (a.k.a. El Presidente)

The President is ultimately responsible for the society's actions. Their duties are:
  • Organising everyone and making sure everything gets done in time.
  • Attending the inevitable SU meetings.
  • Making final decisions should the exec not reach a consensus.
  •  Picking up any slack.


Sorts out the money! The Treasurer is in charge of:
  • Keeping the accounts in order – making sure we don’t spend too much, or even too little!
  • Keeping track of financial bits and bobs from the SU. This mainly involves SU meetings, and the all-important budget.
  • Making sure there are prizes for the CD Swaps, quizzes, etc.


The Secretary should be the first point of contact for any Offbeat member. They are in charge of:
  • Creating facebook events for socials.
  • Responding to emails and facebook messages.
  • Taking minutes at exec meetings.
The Secretary will likely spend a lot of time in particular working with Publicity.

Publicity (a.k.a. The Hype Machine)

The publicity role involves: 
  • Managing Offbeat's online presence (the descriptions of Offbeat on our website, the SU website, lastfm, the blog, facebook etc).  
  • Designing posters, flyers, stickers, etc.
  • Ordering printed publicity stuff.


The DJ-coordinator is in charge of the DJ kit and everything that is related to it. Their role includes:
  •          Organising the Idioteque DJ rota
  •      Keeping DJs to the SU music policy
  •          Setting up the laptop and decks for Idioteque
  •          Training new DJs
  •          Looking after the DJ kit and doing any repairs that need doing

If you don’t get elected, don’t worry! There are still plenty of ways to get involved in Offbeat from getting involved in DJing to volunteering to help out during Freshers’ Fairs to writing for our blog. Indeed, in previous years, the exec group has been supplemented by a non-official role: The Bez. However, this is very much up to next year’s exec whether they wish to continue the role!

Rules for elections:
-          You must be a member to vote or run in the election (although you’re also welcome to attend if you’re not!)
-          Nominations will happen on the night
-          You may run for as many positions as you wish
-          Nominations must take place before elections start
-          Voting will be by single transferable vote 

If you want to run just come along to the Willoughby at 18:30 and nominate yourself and then stand up to say a few words concerning what you're about and what you'll do and such like. 

Afterwards, we'll head on to Millenium Balti for what everyone really came for: a lovely curry with lots of incredibly cheap drinks. Hopefully a wonderful time will be had by all.

Any other questions, ask one of the exec, email us at, or message us on fb through OffbeatWarwick.

Lots of love,

Offbeat x

Thursday, 7 February 2013

2012 Best Ofs...

We're over a month into the new year, so now seems like a perfect time to release the mix-CDs we gave out last year as Spotify playlists. Clearly.

So, without further ado:

Offbeat: Best of 2012 [pt.1] tracklist:

1) T=0 - Tall Ships
2) Lay Your Cards Out - Polica
3) Genesis - Grimes
4) These Chains - Hot Chip
5) Monoliths - Lotus Plaza
6) Normal  Song - Perfume Genius
7) Rotten Black Root - Right Away, Great Captain!
8) History's Door - Husky
9) This Is Sally Hatchet - Father John Misty
10) - King of the World - First Aid Kit
11) It's Real - Real Estate
12) Shallow - Beach Fossils
13) A Piece of String - Clock Opera
14) Ready to Start [RSD remix] - Arcade Fire ft. Damian Taylor

Offbeat: Best of 2012[pt.2] tracklist:

1) Hollywood Forever - Father John Misty
2) Yet Again - Grizzly Bear
3) Wor - Django Django
4) End of the Line - Sleigh Bells
5) Myth - Beach House
6) Night and Day - Hot Chip
7) Oblivion - Grimes
8) Elephant - Tame Impala
9) Sweet Sour - Band of Skulls
10) The House That Heaven Built - Japandroids
11) Stay Useless - Cloud Nothings
12) Bloodflood - Alt-J
13) Constant Conversations - Passion Pit
14) Sun - Two Door Cinema Club
15) Hood - Perfume Genius
16) Chained - The xx
17) Under the Westway - Blur

And here's a couple of links to two bands that were shamefully overlooked:

Efterklang - Piramida -  A beautiful, haunting album. One of my favourites of the whole year.
Beast Make Bomb - Double Dipper EP - The last EP from the now sadly defunct New York wonders.

Let us know what your favourites of 2012 were!

Lots of love,
Offbeat x

Sunday, 13 January 2013

CD Swap on Wednesday!

To get you in the mood for the CD Swap on Wednesday, here's a little something given away by one of us last time round:

Abrasive/ Calm:

Side 1:
1 - After Glow - Foals
2 - Spitting Pearls - Post War Glamour Girls
3 - Oh It's Such A Shame - Jay Reatard
4 - Tell 'Em - Sleigh Bells
5 - High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive - Pulled Apart By Horses
6 - Nightcall - Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx

Side 2:
1 - Lights Out, Words Gone - Bombay Bicycle Club
2 - Rose Parade - Elliott Smith
3 - Deep Blue Sea (Daniel Rossen Home Recording) - Grizzly Bear
4 - Naked as We Came - Iron & Wine
5 - Please Don't Go - Barcelona
6 - To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

Hope you're all looking forward to Wednesday!

Lots of love, 
Offbeat x