Saturday, 15 December 2012

I Just Wanna Be Sixteen

When I was 16 I made myself fuckloads of mix-CDs, I think that they were either to listen while doing tractor work, or a collection of my favourite songs in case my computer broke. Imaginatively named 1 through 6, with an extra CD full of my extra super special favourite ever songs of the moment (accidentally labelled as a Frank Turner compliation), they are the most eclectic mix of music I have ever heard. It’s kind of unsettling to listen to but mostly strangely fabulous.

This is a tour of my favourite CD of these, number 4:

What possessed me to include this in my favourite songs ever, I shall never know, but I am bloody glad I did because it is a brilliant intro to a CD. Particularly when followed directly by:

Ha. Got you. Yep, second track was Rick Astley, of course. (This is the point where I hope you clicked the link, or I just look a bit mad...)

This is a bit of a curve-ball after the 90s moment, but it epitomised being a teenager for me. I got introduced to Bright Eyes by one of my best friends, fell in love with them and projected myself wily-nilly all over this song. But I stand by the fact that although Oberst’s stuff can seem purposefully profound and forcedly meaningful, I still think he speaks the truth.

I think I remember liking this originally partly because in the video she rode a huge horse whilst wearing some crazy all-in-one outfit. But I haven’t watched the video since, so I may be wrong, and in any case, it is a class song.

Because who didn’t love that song in 2008?

Before he became Ben Hudson and Kanye’s darling, Mr Hudson had a fucking good reggae/hip-hop/jazz/whatever-the-fuck-genre-you-can-think-of band. Go and buy their album because every song is self-depreciating, full of steel drums and awesome.

For further information, see Music and Lyrics. A classic* film.

I remember thinking Grease had the best opening titles ever. This was before I had really seen any other films.

This song makes me think of two things:
1. Crude synonyms for vagina
2. The year 10 German exchange trip - getting up at half past 5 for school and eating fried pasta with sugar for breakfast. My partner loved The Bloodhound Gang and pork-pie hats.

I listened to this song incessantly because I had the biggest crush on a guy called Joe. The link was tenuous at best. I now appreciate it is actually a good song in its own right.

I don't really have the words so let me tell you a different, slightly related story instead.
When I was about ten I asked my parents if I could make a mixtape to listen to in the car when we went on holiday. The said yes, expecting some mild pop I expect. The first song on the mistape was My Neck, My Back by Khia and the last song was Milkshake by Kellis. Ever since I realised the content of those songs, I have been horribly embarrassed about playing music in my parents’ cars.

Leonard is the sexiest octogenarian there is and I love him. That having been said, the change from Shaggy to Leonard maybe the strangest music change I have ever heard outside of the Kelsey’s jukebox.
He works that fedora
      13.   Around the Bend - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
I am still not sure if this is a good song, but it was used in an iPod advert and is quite boppy and so it reassures me that I didn’t only wallow in self-pity in my mid-teens.

I always thought that when I was an old woman, that is where I would want to be sat.

There was an interview in the Telegraph magazine with Natasha Khan and I wanted to be just like her. I’m still working on it…Apart from that, Daniel is a glory. It is one of those huge, empty songs that are perfect for driving at dusk.

The Hives was, I think, the second gig I ever went to. It was me, my best friend and our boyfriends of the time and me and my boyfriend wore matching trilbies. I don't think I actually like The Hives very much.

This was never going to be a strong look.
I wasn’t a waitress in a cocktail bar; I just wished I could be so I could meet my man there and have drama. Now I work in Evolve and I feel that it isn’t quite the same.

      18.    Foxes Mate For Life - Born Ruffians

Every so often I forget this song and then I rediscover it and it makes me inexplicably happy every time. I think that this is a very appropriate song to have ended the CD on. It is a quiet song, could be described as twee but it’s subtle. It sums up the way I (and probably a lot of people) felt at 16, disillusioned, confused and really wanting to believe that love would sort it all out in the end. On top of that it is a very soothing song, the kind of aural hug that everybody needs sometimes.

And besides, who is to say that foxes don’t mate for life because they are in love?

So that's that, an eclectic collection of music, but if you play it back to back, it may be amusing for at least ten minutes. I hope. It's been interesting for me to rediscover what I used listen to, and how much it influenced what I listen to now.
Except Prince.

Until January, happy December y'all! :)


*To clarify: A. Music and Lyrics was crap. B. I have an inordinate amount of love for that film.

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